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Once upon a time (two years ago)... in a distant land (New Jersey).... Gordon W2TTT gave a presentation at a BARA meeting on his "Radio in a Box". Well I never forgot it, and this is my version of it.

The outer box is a watertight ammo box. The radio in this picture is a
Yaesu FT-857D, but it as well as all my radios are mounted on slide brackets and fitted with Anderson PowerPoles making them interchangeable.

Rear shows patch cords from the radio to the BNC "T" and into the TGE Booster

Power is supplied by any car battery (at home my back-up is a marine battery fitted with a Anderson PowerPole pigtail set). I have a set of PowerPoles on the power line and can plug in a set of battery
clamps to get power from any source.

The 12 volts input goes into a TGE Battery Booster (40Amp version). The booster will take as low as 9 volts and output will be a pretty steady 15 if you set it that way. I set mine to 10 volts min in and 14 volts out. The booster has an HF RF output sensor. When switched on it will only boost when your HF rig is keyed, saving battery power. There is a constant
ON position for FM operation.

Everything purchased was overkill for me, but in an emergency It is an expansive set up

Boosted power (14 volts) then enters a 4012 RigRunner from
West Mountain Radio. With Anderson PowerPoles It distributes the voltage (also, up to 40 Amps) evenly using seperate fuses of different sizes as needed. This RigRunner has an over voltage alarm (pretty loud) which I set for 14.5 volts. This comes in very handy when using my
 Jetstream adjustable voltage power supply at home.

RF power goes from the radio to an MFJ-945E Tuner. It will tune just about anything I use. The HF side has an RF BNC take off for the TGE Booster and then goes off to a patch cord with a double male connector. This allows me to leave the wood sleeve and equiptment in the waterproof box with the lid cracked open for air. I have a CPU fan mounted in the back of the wood sleeve with a on/off switch to circulate the air around inside the waterproof case. The TGE Booster is mounted with holes cut in
the wood for ventalation of it's fan and body.

Top right of the photo shows the RF input to the TGE Battery Booster from the radio.

The wood sleeve is totaly waterproofed with MinWax PolyShades Polyurathane Stain. I plan on building a new sleeve in the near future.

Click this link to visit our photo gallery filled with over 18,000 photos! (and yes... I have no life).

Gordon W2TTT . . . Thanks for all the help and tips while I was in the planing stages.

                              -    Mike   KA2FBL -

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